Saturday, March 24, 2012

Blue Mascara is Back!

Stella McCartney's Fall/Winter 2012 beauty look was all about the eyes: the British designer enlisted MAC Cosmetics to create the striking beauty look that instantly started a new makeup trend. The models wore an electric blue mascara, piled on to both upper and lower lashes. The rest of their makeup was kept simple - a natural foundation, a nude lip and sculpted eyebrows.

shawegonii min ziman mo 7a6a shakli barid aheb  hehe

52 Degrees | MonaCo !

MonaCo fashion line by Mona AlAbdulrazzag presents a 3 day exhibit for her new Spring-Summer collection starting March 26th- 28th at 52 Degrees from 10:00am - 11:00pm.

Video of MonaCo Spring-Summer 2012 Collection at 52 Degrees

Trend Alert: lace, lace, over your face :P

Face Lace is a new brand of 15 intricate make-up designs, first seen during London Fashion Week this season on the Corrie Nielsen catwalk show. Created by make up artist Phyllis Cohen, she has worked with a number of celebrities including David Bowie and Daphne Guiness as well as on editorials for magazines including Vogue and Dazed & Confused. The designs have a hypoallergenic adhesive backing which makes them easy to apply and re-usable. Inspired by a number of sources such as Op Art, French lace, mehndi, ironwork and calligraphic flourishes, Face Lace creations are priced from £13.95 to £19.95. 

  What do you think  girls ? 

A-Morir By Kerin Rose Spring/Summer 2011 Eyewear ! *LOVE*

abi om lolo :(

 !! These are INSANE  :D looooove them 

 : All available at 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Rihanna has zero interest in playing by the rules !

Rihanna's Really Dark, Really Exposed Roots!

ughhh ;\

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

YSL Summer 2012 Makeup Collection !

Elegant-Lady !

top: Boulee 
 trousers: Chloe 

Happy mothers day all you lovely mummys ! ;*

يما ! لو كان لي حرية اختيار الام اللي ابيها ما راح اختار ام غيرج  ..
حياتي انتي نورها ! انتي شي عظيم ما راح اوفيج حقج طول العمر انتي كل شي حلو, انتي الهوى انتي القلب انتي الروح .. ابتسامتج بس كافية تعيشني عمري كله سعيدة  .. اسعد اللحظات ابحياتي لما يقولون لي " تشبهين امج " يكفيني فخر بس انه انا بنتج .. دعوة بسيطة منج تيسر لي كل اموري .. و كلمة "ديربالج على عمرج" منج مثل العسل ..  أحبج يما ..

 كل عام و انتي بخير يا رويحة الجنة الله لا يحرمني من هالويه الحلو ;*

Jennifer Lopez For Vogue US April 2012 !

She looks sooooo beautiful and really red is her colour!!

New nail trend : The caviar nail polish ! *Amazing*

Thank You Sissi B <3

Sunday, March 18, 2012

" NAKED " Urben Decay's most popular, best-selling palette ever !


include Eye Shadow Primer + Eye Shadow Brush + 12 Eye shadow colors (somky +bronze )
40 KD


include lip pump gloss + Eye shadow brush  + 12 eye shadow colors ( smoky and bronze )
40 KD